Nepal!! (1) (English) (Voor Nederlands, zie hieronder)

For everyone who visited this site daily to see if everything was still ok with us: yes, all goes well here! Sorry, it has been a while…

Where were we: In Bir, where Brad didn’t paraglide. After a couple days in Bir we went back to McLeod Ganj, where we for just a weekend before we could fly to Delhi. Brad went to conversation-class with Tibetan refugees, what was very interesting. He has talked with them about the world (where are you from, what is it like over there, where have you been etc), political and more of that kind of subjects. On my dads birthday (jep he is 60 now!!) we went to a Tibetan Dance and Music concert. It was a one man show that lasted an hour, but very nice to see and hear. The organizer, Karma Lodue, was a very impressive man (in spite of that he was only 1.60m) who hoped that he could continue the culture of Tibet this way. Because of his enthusiasm we have given generously  to his organisation. For dads birthday we had a delicious brownie (Kunga Guesthouse makes the best!!!).

We left on the 2nd of November from McLeod Ganj. With the taxi we drove via very windy roads (what a way to get sick…) to Gaggal air port to fly to Delhi. There arrived we stayed a night in a hotel, Airport Inn. Whenever you go to Delhi: do NOT stay at the Airport Inn!! Terribly arrogant staff which claimed that they had gone to the airport twice (at least one hour before our plane would arrive..), but we were not there?? No, our plane (shich was a daily flight which goes always on the same time) was not suddenly an hour earlier… strange huh? Grmbl… Then they wanted to sell us a bottle of water which was already opened… Yes, we are not crazy! (in these countries you always have to buy closed bottles of water… you want no tap water here!) We wree happy to leave the following morning! In Kathmandu, Nepal we arrived still rather wary, but that proved be unfounded. Of course it is good to be aware everywhere, but the Nepali’s are really a lot more honest and more friendly than the Indians. After the busy and hectic India was even the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, a relief. We stayed one night in Shangri-La Guesthouse and the next day we flew to Pokhara. Since we sat on the good side of the small plane, we could admire the Himalayas very well!!

At the flying school in South Africa Brad got to know Nushie, who lives here in Pokhara, and she had arranged a hotel for us for 100 euro per month (normally 150 per month). It is also very useful to have some local knowhow and she can us help with all ins and outs (where do we pay too much, what is usual, etc). We also have met up with Craig, a friend of ours (his girlfriend Christa arrives mid-December for 5 weeks, with her daughter who lives in South Africa) and also Jamie and Bella are here who we met via Craig in Germany. And via them we have met Ally and Claudio and their babyboy Noah, loads of fun!! Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Maya Deva, a village outside of Pokhara, where Claudio works as one of the parahawking pilots. That is just a little different than paragliding, because you are flying with a bird of prey!! WOW!!! Brad and I are also definately going to do that in our time here!!!

Our hotel is veyr good, on a nicely quiet location with a garden and our shower is wonderful (believe us, if you are travelling a good shower is already an unique something!)!!! The staff is very helpful, just like in many restaurants in this area. They help you with everything and are verycaring for you if you are sick (have been)…. because yes, we have both catched the traveller virus now: diarrhoea!!! Maaike’s turn was on Friday the 13th (bad luck huh?) and Brad ranregularly to the toilet on the 15th. Thank goodness we are both feeling very well again and Brad is right now flying of Sarangkot Mountain again! He has flown his first Himalayan flights now and it was awesome! Unfortunately the previous week we had less nice weather (cloudy)), it was therefore also colder and Brad could not fly because of it (that we were sick came also at the right moment, being sick at perfect flying weather is very annoying!). Here in Pokhara it is usually nice warm weather in daytime with some sunshine, and in the evening it becomes chilly. But just an extra blanket on the bed and we can sleep nice and warm. The shopping also goes vey well over here, Maaike has found good running shoes for 9 euro…!!! Shit, what an attack on our budget… hahaha! And fine fleece jackets for 5 euro, flip-flops for 1 euro…. No, it’s not too bad here!!

Much love, Maaike and Brad


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